Tereza Pokorna

PPC Specialist

About Tereza
Tereza Pokorna

When I started having more free time during my university studies, I decided to replace my weekend job with something I would really enjoy doing, something that would develop my skills and that could possibly become my full-time job after graduating from university. Having minimum experience, but my head full of knowledge, and, most importantly, with huge motivation, I set out in search of my dream job. I bumped into the guys from Four Bros, it clicked, and I started my dream job in marketing almost immediately. And I don’t definitely have any regrets about it!  

It’s a very diverse job in which I can combine my creative and analytical self; moreover, in a great team of young and inspiring people.


I knew long ago that I wanted to work in marketing. That's why my steps led me to study management and economics in Brno. 

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