We’re there together!

Dear clients, friends, partners, colleagues, 

if someone had told us before Christmas what we should expect later, we probably wouldn’t have believed this. We, in developed countries, live in prosperity, we have complete freedom to do what we desire for and live our tailor-made lives. We are well-aware of this fact as we wanted it this way and are grateful to have been given this opportunity. If one of your older colleagues, teachers or friends mentions that life didn’t always use to be as good as this, we usually just nod our heads regardless of being able to realize it, and we just forget about it soon. We also know about this as we do it ourselves, but we’re not really happy about it. But, that’s life. 

I’m a doctor by profession, but despite working in a completely different field of expertise, I’m even more aware of how serious the situation is. As a medical worker, I fully realize all epidemiological and medical risks and I also know how difficult it is to fight a large-scale epidemic, what we should expect and how we should behave. That’s why I feel obliged to mention some things related to health care and prevention. At the same time, as a co-founder of a company and a marketer, I fully realize how these precautions and a feeling of insecurity impact our economy and business. At Four Bros, we have a great advantage to work almost normally, however, a lot of companies don’t have this option. Government subsidies are not coming, and this situation impacts them severely. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a few tips on how to stay on top of things. 

Get to know your enemy 

We live in a period of easy access to any information. Let’s make the best use of it in this critical situation. Let’s draw our attention to servers and personalities who are experts in this field and not to politicians, news websites and individual “commentators”. There has been a lot of evil going on in the world of infectious diseases and public health. You just didn’t know about it. Fortunately, there are people and organizations that have been working for decades or even hundreds of years very hard to deal with  similar situations with minimum consequences. Thanks to them, we are where we are, and we don’t die turning 30 of pneumonia or diarrhoea. Trust them, listen to them and encourage others in your surroundings to do the same. 

There are a few servers where to find updated info: 


Wikipedia – SARS-CoV-2

ECDC – European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


Keep calm and don’t panic 

The growing graphs and numbers of ill people look horrible, but they are pretty expectable consequences which every expert knew about. Although COVID-19 is a dangerous illness with higher risk, it’s not plague, Ebola or smallpox. It’s very probable that herd immunity will be established, and we just have to accept this pure fact and do everything we can to minimize the consequences. If your body temperature is 37,2 °C and you have running nose, don’t go to hospital, don’t call hot lines, don’t make your colleagues and partners stressed. The symptoms are very often fever and dry cough. Just stay home, and take care of yourself. Unless you are in the risk group, the risks are still pretty low and causing panic in your surroundings can be actually much worse. Moreover, you’ll get overly stressed and with poorer immune system you will easily pick any illness. 

Pay attention to prevention

We can’t find any cure to this situation, and we can’t wait till it’s gone either. Infectious disease epidemic is dealt with using a series of anti-epidemic measures, such as minimizing personal contact, fast and efficient isolation of symptomatic patients, their testing and subsequent quick search for people they came into contact with, and isolation of those, too. That’s why it’s so important to wear masks, stay home, not to go on trips and wash your hands properly. You’re already well-aware of how to do this as there’s nothing else talked about in the media 🙂

Find a few interesting articles on how to survive the pandemic at home and get your routine below: 

A PPC guy’s life during the pandemic 

It’s a war – how to survive it at home? 

Help your favourite business 

Companies are trying to continue working, and our money is currently the only thing helping them to survive. Order things online, don’t be worried about any potential crisis or send a couple of hundreds or thousands to those who are currently fighting for their survival. Keep the economy spinning. Try to pamper yourself and buy a meal at your favourite restaurant, or get some fresh beer delivered from your favourite pub. Yep, it’ll be a bit more expensive than usual, but for the owners of these business each order will come as a blessing and can save them from bankruptcy. 

Help yourself and your company 

If you own a company, it’s just the right time to optimize your cash flow and focus on efficiency. Get together with your partners, who your business is based on, and try to come up with ideas how to face the crisis and help each other. Make the most of the companies offering their software solutions for free. If you are an employer, motivate your colleagues and allow them to work from home. Don’t show weariness, fear or resignation, as now you have to be a role model for your colleagues and help them get over this situation. And if you are an employee, work efficiently and hard, and don’t try to take advantage of the whole situation. Your employer is the one dealing with all the constraints. Try to support him/her. Your employer is already coping with so many issues and worries, so there’s absolutely no chance for him/her to check your work or push you to work. Help your employer as much as you can. 

Some free software you can get:

Hangouts Meet free for G Suite 

Adobe Creative Cloud free for 2 months 

Discounted or free advertising by Seznam.cz

How to be productive when working from home 

If you face any issues, ask us 

If you have any questions related to marketing, you have issues with your campaigns and don’t know how to optimize them, or you have no idea of how to communicate with your customers, JUST DROP US A LINE. We would be happy to discuss it with you, propose a suitable solution, and help create a survival plan. We will help you with your financial management. Our colleagues and partners are experts in other market segments and can provide you with tips. I believe we’ll make it at minimum cost. Hopefully, the crisis isn’t going to take ages. Let’s use this time for tasks which we have been putting off for a long time. For example, you can create a new website, brush up on the campaign structure, or prepare a communication strategy you have been postponing for so long. 

We all will make it together! I can definitely speak for our team and say we are all proud of Czech companies and individuals – this is how it’s supposed to look and how technologies should be used in critical situations. I wish for a bit of humility towards nature and life to stay in each of us, so that we could treat our surroundings and each other a little better.  

Good luck to all of us!