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Jan Rypar

Ever since my childhood, I have always longed for new information and opportunities to learn. My fundamental character traits that accompany me for all my life are curiosity and a positive attitude to everything new. This brought me to Brno to study at university focused on finance and law, which gave me a great theoretical background. Far and foremost, it showed me that the only way of how to move myself forward is to apply the knowledge I gained in practice. I like things under control. I was never able to just wait until something happened. That’s why I deliberately started to step out of my comfort zone. I took part in economics competitions and various projects. The experience in founding the first company quickly opened the door to the corporate world which seemed to be the only right choice for every student of economics or law. Are you asking if it really works like this? Well, for some it does, but unfortunately not for me.    

Throughout the years, I met many cool and incredibly smart people at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. However, I didn’t appreciate the way of working there – it was too technical and bound by methodology that simply couldn’t be changed easily regardless of the added value. I also missed the opportunity to move forward regarding business and presentation skills and creation of business plans. Long story short, I simply felt that I can be more creative and useful elsewhere. I continued looking. 

Working as a Global Business Development Manager at GINA Software focusing on international business in EMEA and APAC, I travelled all over the world. There was no time to brush up on my business and presentation skills. This was a live project. Meetings at ministries of interior or defense, lectures and workshops for top-level managers, participation in conferences, establishing partnerships with international corporations – I would have had no chance whatsoever to gain this experience anywhere else throughout my entire career. I managed to do it there within only three years.   

During my career, I have found out two things: firstly, that the world is primarily about people and their approach and secondly, that even the greatest idea can fail without quality marketing. This finding eventually brought me to co-founding Four Bros, my own marketing and consultation agency, which became my priority. Here at Four Bros, we create an environment where we can fully realize ourselves and help people with similar thinking (and their business) move forward. At Four Bros, we strive to create a real added value by applying the experience we gained. We at Four Bros and our clients are all in the same boat. 


Honesty, effort, critical thinking and positive attitude open the door not only to interesting people but they also help solve any problem that could possibly appear. 

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