About Vit

Over time, I found out that Czech healthcare doesn’t really correspond with the vision of my life in the future. In the fourth year of my studies, I started thinking about a field of expertise I would enjoy and I could work in during my studies. Facebook, which, back then, was far from a commonly used advertising platform, seemed to be the right choice. I went through everything all by myself. From content creation, through campaign preparation, to communication with clients. At the beginning, I was working for free for almost a year just to understand it better, learn and get references. Everything clicked and my clients started to be bigger and better-known players in (not only) the Czech market.  

Before graduating from university, I was fed up to my back teeth with freelancing. And so I started working at a well-known Brno marketing agency. The knowledge of performance-based marketing I got there moved me significantly forward. I was working for large banks and international companies. But doing just online marketing was never enough for me so I joined GINA Software. Within those three years of working as a marketing director, I travelled the whole world and got so much experience in marketing and business that my entire career at a different company wouldn’t even be long enough for all this. 

It has always been my great dream to run my own company where we could work just as we feel is the best way for both our clients and us. And that’s why I left my previous job, founded Four Bros and you can read these lines now. You are writing my story with me now. 

Over time, I found out that Czech healthcare doesn't really correspond with the vision of my life in the future.

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