How to create Business Manager and why?

Business Manager is a Facebook tool that makes it easier for advertisers and businesses to work with pages and advertising accounts for businesses and  smaller advertisers. Thanks to it, you will not be bothered by how to add more administrators to your sites, ad accounts, or to other assets on Facebook, and you will have everything under your administration in one single platform.


However, firstly we have to to clarify a few things:

  1. Yes, Business Manager is free.
  2. Yes, you need to have your personal profile on Facebook to set up and manage your Business Manager.
  3. No, without Business Manager, you will not be working well with your Facebook ad. 


Do you agree? Yes? Nice, we can go further. So what are the greatest benefits of having a Business Manager? We only betray some of them:

  • If you have more pages and accounts than we can hardly imagine their message.
  • When you need to assign more people to one ad account.
  • Managing your co-workers is simple and intuitive. Everything goes through their private profiles, but private information from those profiles about you will not be seen by anyone.
  • Without Business Manager, you can not create Dynamic Ads … well, and without them, it does not make any sense at all, is it?
  • If you work with us, we will not move without it. We do our job as best as we can, and it’s definitely not possible without Business Manager.


 So let’s go straight to its creation

Sign in to your personal Facebook account and go to

At the top right, click on “Create Account” and you will pop up the following window to enter your Business Manager name.


In the next step, fill in your name and e-mail to which all the information from this business manager will be sent (remember, however, that you will sign in with your personal Facebook).


Congratulations, you have a set up a Business Manager and you’ll probably see something like the page below.



Now it’s time to get into it or create your Pages, Ad Accounts, and invite your colleagues or advertising agencies to work together. You can do it right through the three links on the main page you see in the picture above. But, these links will disappear after while, so we’ll show you how to do it more common way.

Click on the “Business Manager” menu button at the top left and you will see the entire Business Manager menu that will be the main point of orientation for you. It looks like this:



The next step will go to “Settings” and “Store Settings” – this is the setting of Business Manager itself, the menu on the left includes management of users, pages, advertising accounts and much more.




Pages in Business Manager

How do you add to your Business Manager your already created Page? In the left Business Settings menu, click on “Pages” to see the following page. In the first column there is a list of all Pages you manage to have permissions to, on the right hand side are the details, of the Page you choose on the left side, specifically people and partners who have access to it through your Business Manager.



Since you have just established Business Manager, you have to add your Page there. To do this, use the blue “+ Add” button above the list of Pages. After clicking, this action will take you here:



  1. Add a Page – used to add your owned Pages or Pages that you want to directly own. For example, your company, your products or services.
  2. Request Access to a Page – used to request access to the Page you want to manage or underneath, but you do not need to own it.
  3. Create a New Page – used for creation of new Page.


Both Add A Page and Request Access to a Page will pop up in a window where you enter a URL or page name, and the window will start offering names to you as you write. When you use Add a Page, you can just click on a button and if you are an admin, the page is automatically assigned to your Business Manager. If you do not have admins rights, a request is automatically send to the current admin.



When Request to a Page will take you to the level of permissions that you require for the page. Select the matching and complete the request.



Add Accounts in Business Manager

The same procedure follows when adding or requesting access to your Ad Accounts, except that, unlike your name or URL, you must enter your Ad Account ID:



Adding people in Business Manager

The “People” tab is located in the top left column. The column next to it is the list of colleagues, once again, and the right-hand side then manages and reviews their permissions. When clicking on the blue “Add” button, you will see the window below, enter the desired person’s email, select whether you want to be the Administrator of the whole Business Manager (superior position, we recommend giving it only to the company’s owners or the person in charge of managing the entire Business Manager) and in the next steps, you can intuitively assign individual items (pages, accounts, pixels) along with choosing their permissions to them.


How to cooperate with an agency?

The easiest way to assign agencies Pages, Ad Accounts and more is through the “Partners” tab. You can find it in the left column at the top under the “People” tab.



This method offers the easiest addition of any item in several steps. You do not have to add a page, an ad account, and more sequentially in special steps, saving you a lot of time, name copying, business ID and contact search. Click “+ Add” and enter the Business ID provided by the agency in the free field.


V dalším okně vidíte v levé části seznam všech položek které v prostředí Facebooku existují, v části pravé pak vidíte konkrétní položky které máte ve svém Business Manageru. Po zakliknutí oné položky si v pravém vyjížděcím menu vyberete úroveň oprávnění (více o úrovních oprávnění níže). Poté, co takhle “vyklikáte” vše co potřebujete jednoduše kliknete na “Assign Assets” a máte jedním klikem hotovo!

In the next window, you see a list of all the items that exist in the Facebook environment on the left, and in the right section, you see the specific items you have in your Business Manager. Once the item has been choosed, you can select the permission level in the right-hand menu (more about permission levels below). After you “check” everything you need, simply click on “Assign Assets” and it is done!



We hope the tutorial will help you and we wish you a lot of advertising successes that we will be happy to help you with.

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