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Facebook, the blue social bubble. On a daily basis,millions of people and businesses use Facebook as their means of communication.Since 2004, more than 2 billion people have registered and use it. Just in Czech Republic you can find almost 5 million people as users. Yeah, I know it sounds incredible, but almost half of Czech Republic has Facebook.


Social networks are changing communication between people and companies everyday. More and more clients are using Facebook as an extended hand of the assistance center. That’s why it is important for every company to set up a communication strategy. And that is the biggest problem these days.


1. Communication strategy

The communication strategy is a mean by which each company promotes and ensures a good name for themselves.
It’s no longer true, “Put it on a Facebook. “ “It does not matter, its just Facebook”. Means of communication should have some order and purpose. The company in question must set up some guide lines, target audience, who are my clients, how does the company communicate to the public, how should I communicate with the customer, what do I expect from them and what do they expect from me?


2. Same content

Once you have a bullet-proof communication strategy, you know who your customer is and what you expect from him. We then move on to step 2 and that’s the content. The most important one. What type of content should be published on our Facebook wall ? Thats the question! A lot of young companies try to promote just sales material. Ofcourse, it’s right, you want to sell, so why not show it.
But put yourself in the customer’s skin, is this what you wanna see? Is it what interests you?
A post schedule is the way to go. Just give yourself three easy questions. The questions are when, what and why should I post it.


3. Hiding posts

So the communication strategy is written, the posts are head and heel, Facebook is getting filled with fans, there are more and more comments and suddenly there is a first negative one, what about it?
Set a simple rule in your mind, the rule is: do not ignore, do not ignore, do not ignore. If a negative comment appears below the post, try to transparently solve it , so everyone can see that you do care, be generous and think about the possibilities how to turn the situation to your advantage. And the second rule? Do not hide the comments. There will be one day when you build a trust in people. And what does it mean? The client will start to take care of you, stand behind you, which is super cool, isnt it?

The jungle of Facebook is complicated, perhaps sometimes unclear and insidious, but if you adopt a systematic, strategic and bullet proof plan, you will see the results.

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