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Facebook as we know is the big part of our lives. But also part of our working lives and therefore facebook becomes an intergral part of HR department and facebook could help companies find a suitable candidate. Whatever Facebook can do for HR really good thinks but you have to realize that facebook also can hurt.We will try to get closer in this article.

The functionality itself to add “Jobs” to Facebook. Facebook itself indicates that this way. The possibilite add jobs to Facebook is with us for almost a year. It was not available to everyone from the start, but Facebook changed that in april this year.
When this option was introduced in 40 other countries, among others in the Czech Republic. It may seem that Facebook is trying to compete with one of the biggest recruitman agencies LinkedIn.

Facebook has more people than LinkedIn we all know that and of course the environment is more acceptable for many people. Obviously becasuse everybody has facebook. We do not say that Facebook rewrites LinkedIn but we think that Facebook is more that capable become a very strong competitor. Thanks to Facebook, we are able to connect with the companies or HR manager on a one click.
The “Jobs” functionality is fully available on Androind platform as well as on iOS and PC. With one click, you can easily see lot of job offers.

We do not tell you that job offers throufht facebook are the future but we can tell you one think, if you are looking for a new job, facebook is one of the best places where you can look.
For example in America 1 of 4 people using facebook for finding a new job. And to be honest its a pretty solid number.
Facebook might help with the problem of small businesses finding suitable candidates for their positions.
Nowadays, 45% of HR managers use social networks to polish their future employes. Most commonly social networks which they use is Facebook, almost 29%.

Facebook can be a good servant, but a bad lord. You should keep in mind that every photo, post, or video which you put on your wall can destroy your future job. On the other hand, you can easily use your facebook account and intruduce yourself in the best light. That’s why we had to be careful, for example you should no to put a photo with alcohol in your hand, when you’re trying to find a job in the Middle east. 🙂

As we mentioned at the beginning. Facebook is the ideal platform for job seekers, but also for HR manager or individual companies. It helps build brand awareness, reveals corporate culture, and tells you why you want to work exactly here. But he can also tell anyone else everything about you.

And who is the one of the best compenies using facebook for HR in Czech republic?
I will give you a little help. Their mascot is a green annoying wierd creature from another world. Yeaah i am speaking about ALZA. Just take a look a find their Facebook profiles expecialy WE ARE ALZA.

So, finally, ask yourself, will Facebook become the dominant HR tool, who knows…

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